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Ever wanted to be a medieval knight? To learn how to fight with sword and shield? To armor up and fight upon the field of honor? Or perhaps to learn how to dance, sew, and write like they did in medieval Europe? Then Castle Tintagel is the perfect place for you! We are Tokyo's one and only medieval Western martial arts and cultural center. Here you can learn anything from 15th century German longsword to Renaissance dancing.

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STEEL!Championship2015 was held !

March 28th, STEEL!Championship2015 was held that Japan Armored Battle League sponsored.It was very successful event. All Thanks to Everyone.





2月23日、日本アーマードバトル・リーグ(JABL) の主催で開かれた、第1回公式戦アーマーバトルトーナメント「STEEL!〜格闘技の常識をこえろ〜」に協賛いたしました。







 ソード&シールド  田中隼さん[ドラコーネズ] 36ポイント

 ロングソード  佐藤尚紀さん[サングリエ] 32ポイント

 ポールアーム  阿見靖士さん[サングリエ] 24ポイント






German Festival 2013

Tintagel German long-sword workshop at German Festival 2013 was very popular and Armored fight demonstration extremely well received.

Also, Japan Armored Battle League successfully demonstrated on stage.


Japan Armourd Battle League started!

Whole new sport to fight with full contact power in a authentic medieval stale of armor, that is Armored Battle!

Check out this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XRFuRzQaQQ
This below is American team PV.

■JABL Official Website: http://armoredbattle.com/

■JABL Official Youtube :

■JABL Official twitter :

■We support Japan Armored Battle League.

Japan Armored Battle League is a new League founded in 2013 in Japan. Now it is a popular sport both in Europa and in UAS. JABL will send a National Team to International tournaments in 2014. JABL is looking for sponsor to help this sports and to spread all over Japan and support fighters

Do you want to help the Japanese Armored Battle League ? JABL looks for sponsors. If your want to learn more about JABL,
please contact here : kishinokura2@gmail.com

Full-contact Battle Demonstration at Off line Event “Archeage”

Japan team demonstrated Full-contact Battle at Off line Event “Archeage” on July 15th, 2013.

We made an official announcement about Japan Armored Battle League(JABL)

■JABL Official Website: http://armoredbattle.com/

Online Record "Battle of the Nations" - 2013, Day 3

Battle of the Nations official website: http://battleofthenations.ua/

5th Anniversary party event on April 20th


To all those who attended the Fifth Year Anniversary Event, we would love to say a huge thank you for making it a great event! Thank you very much for your continuous support.


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Introducing the Knight School Instructor

  • 2014.05 Captained Team Japan in the International Medieval Combat Federation's first ever World Championship in Belmonte, Spain.
  • 2013.08 Established Paladin GK and formed Japan Armored Battle League to stage an official armourd battle for the first time in Japan.
  • 2013.05. Formed a Team Japan and participated in the Battle of the Nations held in France.related articles: ねとらぼWIRED
  • 2012.03. Jay participated in the medieval Western fencing Forum held by HEMA Alliance in the United States. Draw 4 tournament of 1 times, winning in the final, was the runner-up 1 good one time. This year Castle Tintagel also joined the HEMA Alliance.
  • 2011 Acted for the new animated movie Berserk as the medieval martial arts consultant, designing some of the action sequences and teaching medieval sword work to the stuntmen.
  • 2008 Created "Castle Tintagel", a historical arts and culture school in Mejiro. Incorporated as "Tintagel KK" in 2008. Partners: Yoko Kasai, Grant Morgan, Keiichi Tada. Teaches classes in German 2-handed sword, armoured half sword, pole axe, dagger, weapon and shield, and sword and buckler.
  • 2007 Created “Knight School”, Tokyo’s first historical Western martial arts class
  • 2006 Studied intensively with Stefan Dieke at Alte Kampfkunst school in Wuppertal, Germany
⇒Read more about our instructor, Jay Noyes

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